Your brief, exceeded

Images to boost your storytelling

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Marketing Background

It's good to have someone who understands what your goals are. Polo's studies include a double degree in Marketing and Business


Advertising Knowledgable

Polo career spans from account manager to branding consultant working with graphic design studios. This give him a deep understanding of your client's requirements (and he knows how to keep them happy)


Power of connectivity

Technology allows to have immediate feedback from the photo sessions, even if you don't have someone on your team to attend.

Meeting the brief is only the starting point.
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A walk in the park...

Projects not always run smoothly. However, Polo has a remarkable skill to make everything to look too easy.
He's not making dramas of every little inconvenience. On the contrary, he is quite resourceful and most of the times he comes up with a solution.
And clients love his bubbly Mexican style. It helps him build strong and lasting connections that makes every project a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Relax while we capture the images that you need.
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